HUISTEHUURINITALIE.NL General Conditions of Rent

1. HUISTEHUURINITALIE acts as an intermediary for the rent of holiday homes on behalf of owners of holiday homes and their representatives.
2. The tenant is the person who rents the holiday home in their own name.
3. The lessor is the owner of the holiday home or their representative.
4. The website: the Internet website is www.huistehuurinitalie.nl.
5. The rental contract: the rental agreement of a holiday home made between the lessor and the tenant.


Booking and Cancellation

1. A booking request for a Huistehuurinitalie holiday home must be made exclusively via the Internet. Receipt of the booking request is confirmed with a payment request.

2. Payment must be made to the account number of Huistehuurinitalie within 7 days of booking confirmation.

3. The booking is definitely confirmed upon receipt of payment and renting is confirmed according to the rules of this contract. In case of cancellation, the tenant will have to pay the costs.

4. Following cancellation by the tenant within 2 months from the start date of the contract, the tenant will be charged compensation equal to 30% of the rent (excluding costs and deposit) with a minimum of €100.00. Following cancellation by the tenant within 1 month from the start date of the contract, the compensation is equal to the full rental amount.

5. . If required, the tenant must provide for cancellation insurance (for example this is possible through ANWB).

6. In case of cancellation, it is possible to request a written declaration of cancellation for insurance use.


1. The rent (including the deposit) is paid in full by bank transfer. The contract is valid only at the time when the bank transfer is received by Huistehuurinitalie.

2. An early departure - regardless of the reason or cause – does not involve the return of the rent paid and the cost of cleaning.

3. If Huistehuurinitalie, as a result of force majeure or sale of the holiday home, is obliged to cancel the rental, it will directly inform the tenant via e-mail. Huistehuurinitalie undertakes to immediately refund all monies already paid. The tenant has no other rights, except the receipt of these sums.


1. The tenant pays a deposit to Huistehuurinitalie. The amount of the deposit can vary by type of holiday home and depending on the length of stay.

2. The amount of the deposit will be indicated when booking.

3. If damage occurs to the rented house, including any items on inventory, and/or to the living environment in general, caused by the tenant, by their fellow tenants, visitors and pets, the lessor will deduct the corresponding amount from the deposit to cover the damages suffered. The final inspection of the damage is done on the departure of the tenant, unless the latter has made a provable agreement to the contrary with the manager.
4. The deposit is returned at the end of the stay directly by Huistehuurinitalie or by the owner, subject to the provisions of article 2.


1. Nothing will be rented to persons under 21 years of age. Access to the property will be refused to people under 21 if unaccompanied. In case of doubt, the manager may ask for identity documents. In case of violation, the tenant will be given notice to leave the house immediately. The amounts paid are not returned.

2. The tenant remains legally responsible for damage caused even when such damage is discovered after the end of the stay.

3. The tenant is legally responsible for his (not) acting as well as for the actions of his fellow tenants and visitors, as well as for the damage they cause.

4. It is necessary for the tenant to be insured for Civil Liability.

5. The tenant agrees not to make claims against Huistehuurinitalie as a result of damage and/or loss of revenue caused during the stay to the tenant, fellow tenants or visitors, property or pets. In such cases the tenant presenting complaints must contact the owner directly.

6. Complaints which are the result of a mismatch between the house or the inventory of items from what is described on the website, or the poor state of maintenance of the house or the garden, must be communicated to the manager and Huistehuurinitalie within 24 hours of arrival.

7. In the event that a complaint - even after the intervention of Huistehuurinitalie – is not settled amicably within a month, there is the existence of a dispute.

8. In case of dispute, Huistehuurinitalie shall be relieved of its task of mediation. The owner and the tenant will have to solve their difference of opinion together. The responsibility of Huistehuurinitalie cannot be invoked; the lessor and the tenant cannot resort to the mediator in case of theft, fire or action of the owner of the holiday home against the tenant. Moreover, in case of damage, it is not possible to exercise recovery action against Huistehuurinitalie.

9. The lessor does not accept any liability regarding damages suffered by the tenant and/or his fellow tenants and/or visitors or their property as a result of the stay in the holiday house or in the surrounding garden.

10. If on arrival it appears that your rented holiday home is not available due circumstances in the period you have booked, you should confirm this immediately by mail to HUIS TE HUUR IN ITALIE . The amount that’s been paid will be within two weeks refunded. However, compensation can never be asked because HUIS TE HUUR IN ITALIE only acts as intermediary between house-owner and tenant.




Number of people
1. The number of people who can stay in a holiday house can never exceed the number indicated on the booking.

2. If the number of people is in excess, the rental contract is automatically cancelled and access to the house will be refused without refund.



1. Complaints about the cleaning of the holiday home must be communicated to the manager on arrival so that arrangements can be made.

2. Any financial compensation for complaints that are not reported quickly is excluded.


1. The houses where smoking is prohibited are clearly indicated on the website.

2. Smoking in the bedrooms is always prohibited.


1. The houses where a maximum of 2 pets (two animals at most) are allowed are clearly marked on the website and the presence of pets must be communicated by the tenant at the time of booking.

2. On departure the tenant is obliged to leave the house free from animal hair.


Arrival and departure times
1. The arrival time is from 3:00 p.m., unless otherwise indicated on the website www.huistehuurinitalie.nl In the case of housing for groups the arrival time can be from 4:00 p.m.

2. The departure is no later than 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise indicated on the website www.huistehuurinitalie.nl. The tenant is obliged to adhere strictly to these times unless stipulated otherwise by the parties in writing.

3. If tenants overstep the departure time they may be charged an additional rental period including all related costs and any compensation required by the next tenant.


Responsibilities and obligations

1. The tenant is obliged to respect the rented house including the furniture and the environment, including inside and outside noise levels.

2. The tenant is obliged to allow staff access to the house and the garden for necessary repairs and maintenance of the garden.

3. On departure the tenant must hand over the electric household appliances such as washing machine, oven or dishwasher, clean and empty. Otherwise, costs may be charged.

4. Audio, visual equipment and household appliances must be left in good working order after use.

Swimming pool

1. The stay at the swimming pool is always at your own risk.

2. The lessor and tennant are never responsible for damage or injuries in and around the pool, they can`t be held liable as such.

3. Children without a swimming certificate are required to use a propellant and may only be accepted when accompanied by persons older than 18 years.